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How Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Your Smile

June 28, 2017
Posted By: CDK Dental

For many people, an upgrade to their smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry is one of the most long lasting ways to improve self-confidence.
When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the best place to begin is with a simple discussion. By asking a patient what they don’t like about their teeth, we can come to understand what they are unhappy with and start looking for the best ways to improve.
If you’re interested in changing the look and alignment of your teeth, we will take some models as well as X-rays so that we are clear on exactly what is going on in your mouth before proceeding with treatment recommendations.
Cosmetic dentistry takes a whole team
If you’re a client, you may wish to focus on your front teeth and freshen up your smile. In this case, it’s time to enlist the involvement of our laboratory team.
In the lab, the team will study the models of your teeth and make a wax model of what they think the ideal result would look like. You’ll have the chance to review these and share your feedback so that you know what you can look forward to.
Dental patients are interested in changing the colour of their teeth, the look of a particular tooth or even the shape and the way their teeth are aligned in the mouth. This is why our clinic approaches cosmetic dentistry as a team process.  When you come to us, you can expect to meet laboratory team members as well as technicians, all of whom are experts in delivering that winning finished product.
Each professional will be able to talk you through what your teeth are going to look like. As your dentist, I will also walk you through the actual process of how we’re going to complete your treatment so that you feel confident about what is coming next.
The pyramid of treatment
One way to think of cosmetic dentistry is as a pyramid. The base, or foundation, is the information we gather. We then produce models and temporaries that allow you as a patient to get a feel for the look and the shape.
From there, we will make the necessary preparations for your new teeth. The top of the pyramid is the actual cosmetic work itself.
Relying on this pyramid way of practising makes it easier to take a step-by-step process and deliver more satisfactory results to our patients.
Cosmetic dentistry in stages
If you’re looking at improving your smile, we don’t have to do everything at once.
Often our team will suggest whitening as a first option to see what difference that makes to the level of happiness you have with your smile. From there we may look at fitting porcelain veneers that can change the shape and colour of teeth.
In some cases, more detailed work may be required that involves crowns. This is more likely if your teeth have been heavily restored in the past or if you have had previous treatment like root canals.
The brand new smile
At the end of the day, our goal is to provide every patient who walks through the door with information and answers. By finding out what you are after and explaining exactly what we can deliver, you are more likely to feel comfortable that you have made an informed decision. From there, you will feel reassured that you are in the best of hands as you work with our team on your brand new smile.