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How can I get my teeth to look whiter?

As a Dentist I marvel at just how far Dentistry has come in allowing people to keep their teeth for life ,unfortunately as we get older our teeth tend to darken in shade for a variety of reasons for example, what we consume and also the very thing that gives our tooth it's whiteness (the nerve within) shrinks causing a loss of vitality ör whiteness.People often ask us at cdkdental ,"Chris how can I get my teeth to look whiter?"

The simplest way is Tooth Whitening and we use 2 systems,one is done in house takes about 90 minutes and is called "Zoom"

The other involves making customised mouth guards and having our patients whiten at home (this involves 1-2 hrs /day for approximately 14 days)

In deciding which system to use I'll ask  the patient is it for a specific event (Zoom) or is something their happy to do over a period of time (take home whitening)

Tooth whitening is safe, however it's not permanent so it needs to be re applied when necessary but basically our patients decide which system they would like and generally whitening will achieve a 3-4 increase in lightness for them

Which ever system they choose we will make customised mouthguards for them to have so they can touch up the colour when and if they choose too,but really it's a facet of Dental treatment where the patient is in a large degree in control of their treatment.

"Not happy with the colour you have then apply the whitening material a little bit longer or come in and have a touch up with "Zoom"

Typically I like to make sure all their teeth and gums are healthy before they start so  a maintenance appointment with myself and my Hygienist is the best way of proceeding and quite often we'll give them a take home pack of a tooth desensitizer (GC Mousse) to use before they start

What we want from the result is subtlety not outrageously white teeth so their friends comment on something making them look better but unable to identify exactly what it is ,this gives them greater self confidence without being too invasive or intrusive!