Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile can be an asset in today’s competitive world, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have one naturally. 

Dr Chris Karikios provides full cosmetic treatment in his Sydney dental clinic to help patients achieve a smile that they feel proud of. He enjoys helping patients achieve greater confidence through the high quality dentistry he provides and is passionate about maintaining excellence in all aspects of dentistry.

We invite you to contact our clinic to arrange a consultation so we can discuss your concerns and the possible solutions.

Cosmetic Dental Services We Offer

You may wish to make small improvements with bonding or whitening, or perhaps you would like to discuss porcelain veneers, crowns or dental implants for a more comprehensive approach.

We will present all your options and help you make a decision that you feel confident about.

Professional Teeth Whitening

It is natural for the colour of teeth to darken with age. Lifestyle habits such as coffee and tobacco use can speed up the process. We offer both Zoom! in-house and take-home professional teeth whitening systems to brighten the colour of teeth. We provide custom whitening trays for you to keep to help maintain a bright smile over the years.

Tooth-Coloured Restorations

Modern fillings, crowns and bridges do not have to negatively impact the natural beauty of your smile. Dr Karikios creates tooth-coloured restorations that blend seamlessly with your teeth. He takes great pride in designing restorations that complement your smile, in addition to improving durability and comfort.

Because we know that many of our patients lead busy lives, we offer CEREC® to create dental crowns and other restorations in one visit. These durable crowns are a convenient alternative that many patients appreciate because it eliminates the need for a second appointment.

CEREC® uses CAD/CAM technology to convert a digital impression of your tooth into a protective dental crown, without the appearance of metal or dark margins.

Dr Karikios plans, designs and places your final restoration, ensuring the best outcome from start to finish.

Porcelain Veneers

Do you have worn or discoloured teeth? You may wish to consider porcelain veneers. Veneers are thin restorations that fit over the front surfaces of teeth for improved aesthetics. Veneers can correct the appearance of gaps, damage and minor misalignment. The number of veneers required depends on your desired outcome and the shape of your smile. Dr Karikios will discuss all your options with you, so you get the results that you want.

We Welcome You to Contact Us

At CDK Dental, patient health comes first, and we will always treat any underlying conditions in order to achieve better results for our patients. We approach dentistry in a highly personalised way. Caring for our patients is what we love most about dentistry. 

Located in the CBD City Centre of Sydney, our surgery welcomes new patients of all ages. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and partnering with you in achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.